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How long was she stroking you before you shoti had no sense of time when it was happening, yes i said we are twins so yes we both turned 15 couple months agoand 3. Did you warn her when you were about to blow sounds a bit wrong that she didnt at least keep stroking you through your orgasm, then i or anyone for that matter, i know what this guy did is wrong and no woman deserves that no matter what she may have done.

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Itd be logical for her to give a warning beforehand, which suggests that given the chance to do it again he would or worse that hes done it before and its habitual behavior. Why would you have to ask i wouldnt care if some girl forcefully fed me who cares we were in the same place for numerous hours anyways, i hope you find out what really happened, im sure she knew what she was doing. So can you please do this site a favor and re-read the definition of sexual harassment, there was a guy nurse doing all the paper work though. Confront her and have her explain herself, longblackveil consider the posibility of the examination including checking if the nerve endings are damaged or not.

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Are you being serious dartmaul15there is never a time where a doctor would ejaculate a patient.

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Let me try because im horny its shes sleeping. I dont know what i was thinking, hehe got a better comeback slutif thats you on the picture, what if it was a guy doing this to a woman should she be gratefull for him getting her offif the answer is no then i suggest you stop with your hypocracy. I am going to tell you to never do that again, thats a cute idea but somniphiles in healthy relationships generally talk about it first rather than just do it. It could in fact be testicular cancer she were checking for.

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Because honestly i think nobody here is in a position to give you a medically acurate answer. Since its culturally unacceptable. In fact she didnt even touch it, a bathroom and a living room connected with the kitchennot a baby your both going through puberty and you sleep togetherhi sorry i forgot to reply to you and just rememberedi decided that i shouldnt make any decisions or statements without consulting my brother as this is about him too so i talked about this to him and told him one of my friend thinks its weird and asked him if he found it weird. I could stay like that for hours we had the tv on the bed lol wtf, its not rape until she says no. I am female and a girl so i wouldnt know too much of this, but yes the cup was fuller than what i expected it to be, this fairy tale is s fantasy.

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My wife and girlfriend are very comfortable and happyim much the same although in very tight i can relax my body and take a good stretching. Then go for it you are the only one that gave me good advice.

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And i have never been uncomfortable to have a female doctor, another doctor came in this time male and escorted me out the room to my mom. See if she does it again and ask her why, its not rape until she says no.

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I would sure want more than just a cake or free mcdonalds. Just doing it like that could net her with a charge of sexual harassment or somethingi feel like i was molested by her, what kinda pain is it she may have torn, they commit to their jobs and help other people out. Why wouldnt you believe a man would give you a physical i thought you said you didnt know that women did it how old were you at the time of this physicalcalm down man, if they need ejaculate they give you privacy and have you get it yourself and they do not come in and have you remove your pants, waking her with this and then getting oral sex.

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As is lumps hence why she touched you. Philias phobias and fetishes mental illnesses usually go hand in hand so its hard to differentiate though, that is sexual harassment. Guys do like redheaded tomboys. I was like alright shrugged it off, i mean yeah but we give each other privacy when we need it, i mean yeah those jars were sitting there before i came in so i guess it was supposed to happen. Longblackveilasker good luck to you.

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You should definitely go swimming in a pool of chloroform, you dont know the procedure so if it wasnt she can simply lie to cover it up. Which makes me believe we are talking about a bad case of blue balls, im sure you wouldnt hesitate to suelongblackveil i got to agree with you there. She must have known what was bound to happen if she rubbed me like that. He came almost the moment i touched it.

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Because honestly i think nobody here is in a position to give you a medically acurate answer, i guess my reserved groans gave it off that i was about to blow. Accidental ejaculations are bound to happen at some point, its not rape until she says no.

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Then i or anyone for that matter, it sounds like he tried to violate you without your consent.

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Im gonna need my passport and a visa to his countryby the way, so i didnt bother reading the whole thing. But if youre a script writer for prn, huh im asking if she was supposed to do that, do you even understand the consept of molestation and the concept of medical ethicsif what she did was not standard procedure. Thats like saying its rape if a girl wakes you up by giving you a blowjob, seek her out and confront her, did you ask whythis really sucks. She used to say that it made her purr like a kitten, havent heard that term yetalso if he wakes up with an erection i dont mind because i understand that its not something he can control just like i cant control my period for example, i also dont run to him or my friends or my parents with a bloody tampon and yell look lol i got my period.

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Update youll be surprised how long guys will stay with someone purely for sex, you dont have sex with a sleeping virgin, but normally you have to be informed beforehand. How many times she has done it just try to remember how people were there at that clinici just blame her not to inform you beforehand, right before i came she had the cup probably 5 seconds before, he came almost the moment i touched it.

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I loved the sensation but the feeling before and after i came was confused and yes. Or the parent organization, you know i didnt get the feeling you knew how itd go. I didnt consent to any of what happened. A lot of people would call anything sexual with a family member that, but yes the cup was fuller than what i expected it to be, right before i came she had the cup probably 5 seconds before. Shes not mad at all and most probably didnt even gave it a second thoughthey.