How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree

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It is really up to your preference as to how you like your tree to look. Christmas tree lights are available in all sorts of varieties, from white to color and from LED to incandescent. No matter what type of light you opt for, the procedure for placing lights on your tree is still the same. The specialist company like Sun City West AZ Christmas light installation offers different types of solutions from minor repairs to an overall replacement.

Check Your Bulbs

Once your tree is protected and arranged where you enjoy it, the very first decoration you need to add is the lights. Whether you are using a new or old string, plug them in to make certain they work. When they don’t work or only a few do, then assess the light chain fuse, which is located at the plug and under a sliding cover. If the fuse is blown out, replace it and retest the lights.

Some light strings won’t function if one of these bulbs is out. If it goes, keep doing exactly the same with each burned out bulb before the remaining bulbs light up.

Setup Extension Cord

Make it so the end of your series of lights comes down from the tree supporting the trunk, in a place not as readily seen. Plug this end into an extension cord and plug the extension cable into a timer or foot-controlled button. These solutions are much better than crawling on the floor below the tree to turn your lights off or on.

Hang the Lights

Start placing the lights on the tree by wrapping them around the tree out of the floor. It helps to have someone who can stand on the opposite side of the shrub and hand you the remaining string after each turning around the shrub. Attempt to hang each turning of lighting equidistant from each other to maintain a uniform look. When you’ve got additional lights once you get near the top, then rewrap the lights from the top going down.

The lights should be set on the tree tight enough so they do not sag, but they should not require anything or clips greater than a branch to keep them onto the tree.

It is becoming harder to find traditional incandescent lights, so hang onto your old-school strings and bulbs. Newer LED lights may throw a strange glow, so try to plug into your light series before purchasing it. It’s always a fantastic idea to keep extra bulbs and fuses in a well-marked box where you store your own lights.

Store Your Lights

When it’s time to eliminate the lights, carefully unwrap them in the tree and coil them up according to the pure way they want to lay. Wrap each mild using a zip-tie or velcro strap, that will prevent them from becoming tangled and make it a lot easier to use following year.

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